Hey Everyone,

Don't think i'm stupid for asking this question,but it's really buggin me!!My friend sent me a pm on my messenger and it was one of those pass along letters that usually say "your going to lose your b/f if you don't send this" but the one I got yesterday said to send it to everyone on my list and my buddy list would change so that i could see who all everyone on my list was talking to and if they're name changes. I thought that would be pretty neat so i sent it out well it didn't change my list or the girl who sent it to me,but one of the girls i sent it to said it worked and it was awesome I asked how she did it and she said her friend did it for her so she couldn't tell me.It's really bugging me i don't know how to change it or where to go to change it. If anyone knows what i'm talking about please pm me i would greatly appreciate any help I get!!!