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    Thanks to everyone who replyed!!! I plan on learning alot from here.I'm a stay at home mom right now and i need to keep my mind busy,you know what I mean.Anyway thanks to all and Dark Hand thanks for the links!!!!
    If you don\'t know:Ask:If they don\'t know you look like a dumbass!!!

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    Make sure you Clock the basics before diving into complicated topics.For example, Learn detailed TCP/IP layers first and it will register much faster than just trying to learn IP and routing right off the bat. There is no way around taking the time and putting in the work.

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    hi everyone.i am rasta do i prevent anyone from hacking into my computer?i am connected to the internet through my wireless provider.recently i was chatting and tried to download a file and was told the person might be hiding behind a firewall.whats that?i dont know a lot about computers so go slowly with me ok?

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