Unique Horror Movie Cases
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Thread: Unique Horror Movie Cases

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    Unique Horror Movie Cases

    I was checking something out and I came across this site that claimed another site was giving away free cases...now...naturally I assumed this was bogus...but I checked out the site anyways...and it has some real interesting fully packed cases...

    anybody into horror films should like this stuff...and it goes through the levels of construction...

    still don't know about about the giveaway...



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    The next case mod I have planned is going to whip the ass of this one:

    Green neon exhaust fan

    Neon orange case lights at the very bottom.

    The orange lights at the bottom make the pumpkin, the green one at the top is the stem.

    The other I'm going to try for is 138 carved heh.
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    I don't understand everyones need for a cool case.

    IMO- Its whats under the hood that matters. I'd rather spend the extra $ on useful upgrades rather than useless accessories. But then again... thats just me. To each his own.

    Take this example:

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    hey do u know any places that sell cases in neon colors for macs?
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