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Thread: Alcochol 120% Virtual Drive

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    Alcochol 120% Virtual Drive

    I've been using Alcohol 120% virtual drives for a long time, and only now they mess up. Whenever I try to do anything with virtual drives like mounting or unmounting cd images, almost all of my ram is used up and I cannot do anything until it's done. After much messing around I was able to get the task manager open and I see that the system process is taking up all that ram. Anyone know what might be the problem?

    I got: Windows XP SP1, 256MB RAM, 1.6 GHz Duron.

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    Lightbulb 120% :(

    its almost as if 120 decides which systems it works on, i have known of it totally destroying operating systems, and i know this for a fact, and i have known it working better on older OS's , it totally inniliated my drives... i still have like 4 i cant get rid of, without reformatting... it screws around with your comp 2 much..... Use Daemon to mount and Ddump to make the ISO's i would give u links but i am kinda busy.... the 120% sucks... and 9 outta 10 says your gonna have to do alot of work 2 get it fixed... try uninstalling it and reinstalling it, could fix the problem you are having...... but be sure it is totally and completly gone before you install Ddump IF you try it... take care dude, hope the advise helped any at all..

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