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Thread: IE opening

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    IE opening

    ever time i log on to my comp IE opens a window but i have dial up internet so it loads as and error... but it opens a new window like every ten to 15 min it will just pop up... i have ran all spy and adware programs i kno and virus scans and stuff... i can not figure out how to stop it is now starting to get on my nerves.....i was just wondering if anyone no what is going on and how to repair this or maby know what i can do?

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    Open IE, Click tools>options>connections........Check the box that says never dial a connection.
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    This sounds like spyware to me. Make sure your definitions are up to date, and don't forget to check the startup folder Start->All Programs->Start Up. That is just my stab at it.

    ... It really does sound like spyware is trying to display its pop-up ads, though.
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