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Thread: Checkpoint experience?

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    Checkpoint experience?

    I really need to get some hands on experience with firewall-1 and was thinking of
    purchasing this trial pack from checkpoint


    How does the licensing system work with checkpoint generally? Can I vmware the installations
    so I can increase my trial period as 30days is too small. Or is it a case were the software
    updates a central checkpoint server?

    If anyone has any ideas on this I'd be much appreciative.

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    Each time you install you have to register with CP and get a license file generated.
    After this file is generated, you apply the file to your machine and "activate" it.
    This file will include any extra modules you have paid for and so on.
    Your purchased products are managed via the CP website.

    For demo software, I'm sure you can re-install but I'm willing to bet the demo software
    is feature limited. Post back here and let us know how it goes. Might limited demo install
    per email addy so be aware of that.

    If you are running CP on UNIX based OS, feel free to drop me questions.

    I have not used it on Windows since the NT 4.0 days...


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    You probably could zip up a vmware installation and alter machines dates or you could probably obtain an illegal key. Either one of these options is pretty shady.

    Ive actually dealt with some people at CheckPoint before and they were very helpful. Maybe you could try contacting them and explain what your trying to do and ask for an extended license. This way you stay legal and they may provide you extended access to the online documentation as well.
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    ^ I was thinking of just taking a snapshot. Vmware5 beta does mutli snapshots now so I suspect that will come in handy !

    I've just ordered the evaluation suite and send them a mail asking them about extended lisences etc. Will post an update when I get one. Ta !

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    PhoneBoy is considered to be one of *the* authorities on all things Check Point, and has a not half-bad forum. He's written the one book that several people referred me to when I had initial questions about VPN-1... link to ISBN 0321180615

    I can't say it's the best because it's the only one I've read, but it was pretty decent. Also, it's available via the O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf
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