Hi friends,I have installed j2sdk 1_4_2 from the sun site, According to the installation instruction,it says you will see the java icon in the desktop,which i don't see. I don't either see it in the start menu or the taskbar.I just see netbeans everywhere.

Another thing. I don't want to use netbeans, being newbie i would rather go for notepad and dos for compiling. So i have set the ENV Variables,which doesn't seems to work while compliing..ofcourse i doubt if i did installed,but windows installer successfully installed it.(Does it work only after rebooting computer? ) cuz when i write source code of hello world in the notepad and try to compile in a dos it says (COMMAND INPUT OUTPUT ERROR) nOW according to the documentation I went to the directory of jsdk directory in the root drive. (using win2k) it says

There it just says Error:1

I have uninstalled and reinstalled j2sdk 1_4_2, atleast 4 times so far,still can't even see the java icon anywhere . Shall i reformat computer or ??

pls help me