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Thread: SSH on a Red Hat 9.0 VM guest question

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    SSH on a Red Hat 9.0 VM guest question


    For the sake of exploration I have created a VM Ware Red Hat 9.0 guest OS on my Windows XP host.

    Now this is where things get complicated so I will try and explain the best I can...

    I have three working computers connected to the same router.

    computer1 : IP address
    computer2: IP address
    -------->>> Red Hat 9.0 VM guest IP

    computer3: IP address

    I am trying to setup an SSH service on my Red Hat guest. Now I can connect to the SSH service while im on the Red Hat guest. For instance... 'ssh' is successful. I can also connect to the guest OS's SSH service on my host Windows XP Box using the PuTTY client. For instance 'ssh' is successful.

    However, I cannot get my other computers to connect to the guest Red Hat OS. For instance 'ssh' from both IP's and is not successful.

    The weird thing is that I am able to ping all the computers from my guest OS just fine. However, I am not able to ping my guest OS from my computers except the one that is hosting the OS?

    Please help me with this problem, I have tried my best to explain this rather complicated situation, however if anything is unclear I will try ******** things.

    Appreciate all your help.
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    Could I enquire if you have XP or other firewall set up on the XP host OS?

    My first point of examination would be to see if it blocks incomming port 22 - Run NMAP from both the host OS and one of the other machines and compare the results.


    Just another thought, check your subnet for your network - If your subnet is then the packets will be going ot the default gateway - Change the subnet to should assist.

    further edit:

    Your VMWare may be doing NAT translation (just like a router) between the RH9 Guest and XP Host OS. I beleive it is possibe to change VMWare not to use NAT - Bridged networking sounds like what you need.

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    Ok, what you were saying about changing from NAT to bridged sounded like it might work. I changed to bridged networking but now I can't get my Red Hat Guest to connect to the internet. I have tried assigning my IP statically and that activated the eth0 but it wouldn't get on to the WWW. After that I tried letting DHCP take care of that for me automatically but when I type 'ifup eth0' it tells me that there is no link present?

    Is this because I have to do something with my router in order for my guest OS to communticate with it?

    Please shed some light on this, thanks.

    edit: Problem solved- if anyone else stumbles across this thread with the same difficulty then do this...

    Simply edit these files..

    type at the bottom of each,

    return 1;

    and then try to activate eth0 again and it should work. I don't really know why, I guess RH9 is a little buggy in that reguard? But anyway, thanks for the help Steve I should be able to get it to work now ^^

    The real question is not whether peace can be obtained, but whether or not mankind is mature enough for it...

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