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    *nods* amen here... I'm around the same level myself. Big scary computer world out there

    The thing that boosted my related general knowledge a LOT is forums like these... not posting, not asking, just browsing and reading.
    I tend to only understand one post in five (or rather one explanation in five) but continual exposure eventually leads to an understanding of a particular facet.

    Another excellent source for a continual flood of security-related information are mailing lists... my favourite is the pen-test list from securityfocus.

    Before books or courses and even supplemental to online tutorials and whitepapers, I would recommend this as a speedy way of learning the whys and wherefores of security testing/hacking/label of choice.

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    I usually don't post(just a lurker) but thought i'd add this insight i came across.Back in my high school day's when i thought the Russian's were comin' i used to read a lot of burn n blow book's.You know,the kind that say take A-mix with B-shake well BOOM.It was fun to try some of those thing's,but i got to thinking"what if i didn't have B,but had something kinda like B.Would it still work?"So i started to wonder what was going on inside the IED,what was happening to A and B to get the boom.Maybe i could find a substitute B cheaper and locally made.Or perhap's i could make a type of B that would work in a pinch.That wonder led me to the local library and introduced me to a Mr.Pauling(author of a great chemistry book).After some learning (gasp!!learning the why not just the how) i began to understand what was happening inside my home-made devices.Which metal powder's would add strength without making it unstable.There realy was a difference between high and low explosives-funny thing,by the time i had the tech skill and knowledge to make a high explosive,i was smart enought not to
    But the journey was not traveled overnight,took me years of study.Along the way i came up with my own process to make Kno3( i think that's how you write it,been a long time).
    Point is,me coming up with this myself was worth the hour's sitting at work reading chemistry book's.
    Being older now and wiser,i leave the blowing thing's up to the guy's who get paid to do so.Still it is kinda nice to know i learned a lot by myself.Hacker? LOL no.
    Just a guy who like's to drink some beer on saturday night and enjoy some pizza with it.
    Peace Ratguy
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    Hacking in not a cram and play game like thing. It is a serious study more than a research
    I (& hopeully everyone) knows what frustrates a newbie. And the approach u r taking is not the right one
    See if u study maths in school then the teacher will teach u one or two methods and will then ask u to solve the problem. There will be some problems that will use just one method and some which will use a combination of two or three methods. The same way hacking goes first u need to know the basics i.e How does an OS work, Networking and then languages and a lot other techniques.
    No one becomes a hacker in just a short time (Rome was not built in a day)
    So asking as to tell me step 1 then step 2 so on.... wont take u anywhere because no two systems are alike so how many steps r u gonna ask
    Better read such forums and tutorials on os and networking & programming
    Then talk to people who r into security to know how they proceed

    Slowly & slowly u will get clear with things and then new ideas will start popping up in ur mind..
    And then only will u be able to apply indegenious techniques
    Else u will even go lower than a script kiddie level

    Never shy from WORKING HARD

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