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Thread: What projects you got goin on?

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    What projects you got goin on?

    Well, whats everyone upto project wise at the moment?

    Computer related or not, what are you hacking up?

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    Im in the process of building an educational website for a 4th grade elementary class with 2 other team members.....
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    I've started the N+ and CCNA, for my evening pleasure

    And I'm 'trying' to set up a small [VERY small] network in the 'office' to play TCP's favourite game, hunt the package.

    come on shakenbake :
    you don't post a 'what you doing' thread and not say what YOU are up to ..........
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    Oh fair enough then ....

    I'm working on a honeynet project trying build different vmware environments and work on my forensic skills etc .... been doing that for over a month now.

    Want to start taking my car apart next as I know next to nothing about motors!

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    Working on Access Database for Work (harder than what i thought) 3 Week Project

    Trying to keep active in IT Security (dedicating couple hours per day)

    Trying to clean the house from New Years Eve Party


    Future Projects: Format Lappy and get Debian Testing
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    I am running into thousands of headaches running an FTP/SSH server.

    I am also spending 20+ hours a day in Unerror IRC.


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    Cracking my head against the wall over two huge issues with a machine I'm toying around with, sitting on my butt and thwarting idiots and liberals here, building and helping administer a mud, and trying to cut back on my smoking, all while surfing pron whenever possible.
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    I'm into my second study module of three, of a course ( Data Computing and Information) with the Open University. With a second course starting next month. It's all JavaScript at the moment..........I'm not sure wether I will go all the way to Bsc(honours) yet or get to Diploma level then do ccna or cissp. Cost will be the major factor.
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    Im going to a conference to either collect the ransom money or take a dookie and watch some poor shmuck step/sit/slip all over it!

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    I won't go into work related projects, just the personal stuff..

    Work related:
    New web services (secure php coding )
    HA-linux http://www.linux-ha.org/

    Studdying LPI http://www.lpi.org
    Setting up new sites and getting the old ones back,
    we just had a major move of our servers and stuff is still quite fux0red atm..
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