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Thread: proxy a telnet connection

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    proxy a telnet connection

    I try to keep my posts on this site to a minimum, I'd I tend to not be good enough to offer my opinion, or I feel that I haven't looked hard enough on the net to ask. well, I can't find anything and figured, it can't hurt, can it.

    I'm trying to proxy a telnet connection to mask my IP. I haven't had much success, I've looked up some information on tunneling, but can't seem to get the server to keepalive, & then forward me to my target. I'm not trying to do anything bad, I just want to play a game with my brother online, & we asked the admin if we could both log on from our lan, but the closed minded person said "If you log on with the same IP, you are multiplaying, you'll be sitebanned." I don't think it supports SSH or I'd try that, or if it supported MCCP(Mud Cleint Compression Protocol) I'd just set my MCCP server up at school or something. If anyone know's where I can find info on proxying my telnet connection or some other way to mask my IP I'd very much appriciate it.
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    If your ISP will let you pull multiple IP's then you can use a switch instead of a router.

    If you have a linux box or ssh access to a box somewhere on the net then you can do proxying with ssh. man ssh for more info.
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    you can find things in google

    maybe all you need is the right names to look for

    try this :
    1) httptunnel
    2) proxychains or was or chainsproxy

    beside you can find a lot of information on how to do it on various boards related to
    security ... all you need is to google a bit and read quite a lot ...

    btw , i guess the harder problem is to find good proxy servers, but as far as i tried it myself,
    few lists were found via google, the rest via other means
    (good proxy = actually except connection other then http and truely masking your ip , sometimes this kind of proxy referred as elite proxy)

    have fun

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