hi all,

i've just released a new version of a tool i have written a couple of months ago.
The new version is called ProKill v2.

it is a command line processviewer / killer for windows that is able to kill even the windows own processes/services if run with enough rights (admin account).
also with the new version is it possible to kill the process by its name and by its pid.


Prokill v2 - White Scorpion Security (C) 2005
****** http://www.white-scorpion.nl ******

Prokill v2 adds debug privileges to itself (if
possible), and becomes more powerful by it.

Usage: pk2 <options>

-l | list current processes
-p <pid> | kill process with that PID
-n <process name> | kill that process


pk2 -l
pk2 -p 1234
it is released under the GPL and can be downloaded here.

be careful what you use it for, since it can cause BSOD's or unexpected system behaviour if you kill the wrong proces.

kind regards,

White Scorpion