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Thread: Linux Dual Boot

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    Exclamation Linux Dual Boot

    Ok here is the problem,

    Last night I repartitioned and loaded linux on my machine like this.

    Partition 1: Windows
    Partition 2(Auto Allocated Linux Partition).

    I first loaded Mandrake Linux 10.1 and everything went fine. When I rebooted the computer it booted to a prompt asking me to choose LInux or Windows.

    So I played with Linux for a while and than realized for work tomorrow AM I need windows. So I booted to the windows partition and than booted from CD and loaded XP Pro SP1 on the machine. The problem is now, whenever I load my machine, I don't get that prompt to load linux or windows. It just boots into XP.

    I know in xp there is a file you can edit and when i goto that file it only contains the XP Boot information none of the Linux. PLEASE HELP.

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