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Thread: Password protecting folders

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    Password protecting folders

    can any one tell me a software which protects folder but its freeware

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    Sorry I cannot recommend anything as I do not use it myself, but here are a load of links.

    Usual disclaimer though!.................sometimes "freeware" contains more than you bargained for


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    Re: Password protecting folders

    Originally posted here by Mohsin
    can any one tell me a software which protects folder but its freeware
    With my experience passwords and secure data, i've learnt, 'passwords just dont work'

    If your planning on having that data secure, so you can access but 'they' cant, well, dont bother password protection. On a windows system, grant only yourself access + passworded screen saver (15min?). If your looking for portability, even between os's, think how smart the person who is going to see it is. Hide it maybe, try ADS (Alternate Data Stream) ?

    Or reply with more specific information .... either / or
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    i would personally encrypt the folder with an encryption program. try PGP.
    i think its some Pretty Good Privacy.

    wait a minute...
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