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Thread: where's my IP?

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    Red face where's my IP?

    OS: win98
    I tried releasing and renewing my ip and i'm still getting tried to uninstall and reinstall my tcp/ip adapter already.

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    Is it a cable connection or is it a wireless connection?

    Are you sure the cable works?

    Are you sure it's fully in?

    Is the switch/hub/router that the cable is connected powered on?

    Is there an active DHCP server on the network you're on?

    Are you able to ping localhost?

    Is there a firewall blocking the DHCP server request?
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    I'm using ethernet cable.I already tried 2 ethernet cables.The router is on and the lights works fine.I cannot ping the host either.

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    If you cannot ping

    then your card is not installed right....

    edit> or the card is not working...its a dud<

    TCP\IP is not installed or working.

    Remove TCP\IP and the adapter ..reboot

    and start again.

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    i'll try that.tnx

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