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Thread: MSN Beta 'Winks'

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    MSN Beta 'Winks'

    Ok aparantly there was some exploit on the MSN beta which would allow people to send their own custom 'winks' (lil animations which play on the screen)

    now i am aware this hole has been plugged but want to alter the 'winks' stored on my local machine - does anyone know where they are stored?


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    Did you try a hex editor ? I thik that should work, lemme ask a few people, i'll get back if i find which DLL it is ....
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    msgslang.dll <- WINKS

    should be what ya wanted. Post back with ya progress, me and a couple mates been playing with the winks aswell

    edit: recon you have the reshack the older version of msn 7b
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    Get a Res editor (programming tools or somthing [they have a few domains, google it]) and open some random MSN file till you find them.

    There was also some flaw that allowed for pictures beyond the 19x19 pixel size... I never looked into it however. I use Kopete (came with KDE, it works, it's nice, whatever).

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