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Thread: remote access to a computers files

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    maybe im missing something here but why would a company pay for a frame relay if the remote wasn't going to be part of the domain?
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    He doesn't expect me because I have already won the bet. He is my best friend so I doubt that he would get the law involved. He uses a citrix client to connect to a citrix server on our network other wise he just uses our internet access. The company pays for his internet connection because if he works from home for 1/2 hour a month we have made our money back and he usually works between 10-20 per week. I don't understand why everyone has concern over all the surrounding details and gives advice about what I should and should not do yet I have not recieved any pertinent answers to my question! What is the purpose of this site it was listed as a Hacker site in an article I read. If everyone is going to be critial of my spelling why does your site not offer spell check?

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    If everyone is going to be critial of my spelling why does your site not offer spell check?
    Are you seriously this dumb? How does your company make any money while you are in charge? If you look under your post reply, there are three(3) buttons. "Submit Reply", "Preview Reply", "Spell Checker". See, now that was not that hard was it?
    Oops, you will need to click on the "Post Reply" button first, then look to the bottom of where you would submit a reply.

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    Once again no relevant info just alot of bashing. I have Submit Reply and Reset Form

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    Originally posted here by slowride
    Once again no relevant info just alot of bashing. I have Submit Reply and Reset Form
    Ugh you ****ing idiot. Click on the PURPLE REPLY button. And if you're some CIO or whatever do you REALLY need one? You can't spell on your own? And what you're doing is NOT hacking, it's being a lamer. "Wooo look at me I can crack Office files"..... You're dumb, probably lying about being a CIO, and your ass smells like lotion.

    No one is helping you with this because you suck, and no one is GOING to help you either so when you reply again saying my post is just bashing, save yourself the time of typing it out and leave and ask on a forum that is going to help you like you said you'd run off and find.

    Or you could get your assistant to type it for you. Being a CIO I'm sure you have one.

    And another thing, what is your company exactly? Do they have a web page.... Ah hell.
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    It's not that people are riding your case for no don't talk like a CIO, and you're not making any sense...and even I knew where the spell check was without asking, and I'm probably the newest newbie this site has when it comes to computers...

    are you smoking too much of that Kentucky blue grass?

    P.S. Thanks, really didn't have to...but thanks !

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    O.K. I don't know why I keep coming back to this thread. Anyway Let's give slowride a little help:

    Slowride. Seeing how you are the CIO, please log into your PEM and copy the configuration to note pad and post here.

    Also, your username and your buddies username would be helpful.

    Once you post this info, I'm sure you will get a quick response.

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    thread still open?

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