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Thread: Broadcast Email Advertising: loophole in law?

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    Broadcast Email Advertising: loophole in law?

    These things are weird... seems to be pretty ineffective since there indeed is no product being sold... Anyone know the (legal) details behind it?

    on january 1st, 2004... the united states government made law confirming that...

    BROADCAST EMAIL ADVERTISING is a completely acceptable, ethical,
    and legal form of internet advertising for every single resident and business.

    ..tens of thousands of businesses are BROADCAST EMAIL ADVERTISING to
    promote their web site to millions of people for free... right now... are you...?


    note: this is a non-commercial BROADCAST EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENT. no products
    or services for sale or lease are endorsed in this BROADCAST EMAIL ADVISORY.

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    Negative, I don't know if this helps or not ...only my 4th atempt at contributing...but here it goes...


    eFlash is Innovyx's quarterly newsletter providing you with tips, best practices, perspectives, news and current events in the world of email marketing.

    This quarter we are focussing on permission and permission compliance. The federal CAN-SPAM act has brought permission compliance to the fore and made it an important issue for all email marketers.

    Derek Harding
    Feature Article
    CAN-SPAM: What it Means To You

    by Ian Oxman

    On January 1, 2004, President Bush enacted the first ever federal law regulating Spam and email marketing. In short, CAN-SPAM is a truth-in-advertising law that requires marketers to provide specific disclosures and permission options to consumers. The penalties of not doing so can run as high at $2,000,000. But, what does CAN-SPAM really mean to you?

    Congress and the Federal Trade Commission intended CAN-SPAM as their weapon against spammers and the means to exact tough penalties. You, of course, are not a spammer. So, does that mean you need not worry about CAN-SPAM? Unfortunately no. Companies with visible and recognized brands stand at risk of being made an example of by an overzealous prosecutor. Obviously you do not want your company to become that poster child. More...
    Email Marketing
    The importance of a consistent "from" address

    by Derek Harding

    Traditionally Innovyx's Dialogue 1to1 platform has used dynamic "from" addresses. These addresses provide a number of advantages including identification of the original recipient, which is important for response processing, and identification of the campaign and segment which is valuable for analytics.

    Recent developments in anti-spam technology, including challenge/response systems, Outlook 2003 and AOL 9 have made it far more important that senders be listed in recipients address books in order to ensure successful delivery to the recipients inbox. Since this is not practical with dynamic "from" addresses Innovyx is recommending switching to static "from" addresses while maintaining dynamic "replyto" addresses.

    This solution ensures that the overwhelming majority of responses can still be correctly identified while enabling recipients to add a consistent sender address to their address book or whitelist. More...

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