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Thread: google hacking

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    google hacking

    how do i hack using google? i wish to know so i can test my own systems for my sites.

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    Please try to add some details to your post.
    I see it is your first [welcome to AO] but I fear that you will shortly be departing if you insist on asking "how do I hack anything" questions.

    If you look at the links at the bottom of each thread, you will see that they point to related threads in the AO D/B.

    Try those first, rather than trying to utilise Google [Google is your FRIEND]

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    1. Read the FAQ's of this site.
    2. Do a forum and tutorial search (this has been brought up many times and has several tutorials already on it.
    3. Use comman sense, which I realize is in short supply where you are.
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    Hi and welcome to AO,

    Please do not think of this as "Google Hacking" it is more properly "Search Engine Hacking" Google just happens to be the biggest and best at the moment.

    The basic principle is that if the search engine has advanced search capabilities, and there are file types, file names etc. that should be protected, and have not been, you can find them using a search engine.

    The details can be found in the various related threads at the bottom of this thread.

    So, for your purposes, you would point the search engine at your sites with advanced search parameters to find files/folders/directories that should be hidden. If it finds them, you MIGHT have a problem.............try to access them..........if you get a "You are not authorised..etc." message, then you are probably OK. If you can open them you obviously DO have a problem.

    In essence it is a technique to exploit sites that have substandard webmasters/designers/builders. Properly run sites should not be vulnerable.

    Hope that helps

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    Cool welcome to Antionline !

    i belive that this is what u are looking for
    good luck!

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    check out johnny.ihackstuff.com it has lots of info on "Google hacking".

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