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    Very good point there TheSpecialist.

    Non-Microsoft software in the Windows and system32 folders

    The first is supposed to relate to a voice modem and the second to HP writing to disk, but the other entries suggest that the computer is actually a Dell?

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    O4 - Startup: winupdate23036105[1].exe
    O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Setup experation] C:\WINDOWS\svchost.exe
    What happened after you deleted these ?? ( to my knowledge svchost.exe does not belong in the /WINDOWS directory, err ... , sorry, \WINDOWS directory: it is most likely a virus or trojan. And the other one, same-same, does not belong there to my knowledge. ( looks awfully suspicious to me )

    Also, did you delete all your temp folder contents?

    Did you restart it in safe mode and run the AV ?

    So what did the HjackThis log look like afterwards?
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    Exactly, the svchost in the windows folder was part of the trojan. The real svchost is in windows\system32. So when I deleted it, it happily died a painful death.

    Also, yes i removed all temp files (thanks to a batch file I found in this forum, sorry, i forget who wrote it).

    The AV scans we did were as follows:
    All definition updates were downloaded on all scanners
    1. removed physical drive, installed in clean machine, scanned w/norton
    found and removed 350+ instances of bagel and other small viruses
    2. returned drive to original machine, booted to winpe, scanned w/mcafee command line
    3. booted to xp, scanned w/norton
    4. booted to xp safe mode, scanned w/norton
    5. booted to xp, scanned w/trendmicro housecall

    All scans found the dltime.dll file, but none could remove it completely.

    I also scaned the machine with adaware (reg, safemode, winpe), spybot, and pest patrol. pest patrol found the false svchost, but failed to remove it.

    The|Specialist|: (or whatever your old nick looked like)
    I thought those entries were suspicious also. But as Nihil said, the files checked out. The HP one made me wonder, since the machine was indeed a dell, but it was not causing problems.
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    In my last post I could not remember where I got PV.exe (prossess view) from but here is the download page with some info on usage, etc.

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