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Thread: Best Free WYSIWYG Html Editor?

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    Arrow Best Free WYSIWYG Html Editor?

    My endless search continues...

    I'm looking for a free WYSIWYG Html editor for Windows. I've tried them all, but none of them seem to meet my needs.

    I need a simple drag 'n' drop type program similar to MS Front Page, that supports CSS.


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    You get what you pay for. With that said, I recommend you look into Dreamweaver's latest reincarnation - MX 2004. But since I sense desperation, look into OpenOffice's HTML editor - nothing spectacular, but for WYSIWYG, the code generated didn't seem too bloated and it provides the tools needed to get a page created and online.

    And a fair warning, most WYSIWYG web development programs aren't designed to create masterpieces of web design or functionality. They're normally there as a quick way to get a page created and on the net with minimal work - nothing wrong with that, but limitations arise from ease.

    Out of curiousity, what editors have you tried?

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    Blue Fish kicks all ass ...


    Once i was on the same point. Good advice, try bluefish (linux) or Dreamweaver (win) and start interpreting the code itself. You'll quickly see you can do a more efficient job from source out rather than the drag 'n drop.

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    I use Notepad2 for my editing tasks (source level). The syntax highlighting for HTML and PHP really do it for me. Especially since it makes it easy to tell where my brackets begin and end. I'm not a WYSIWYG person in web development, and I can easily spend a lot of time perfecting table layouts, but I find the resulting code of mine to be much cleaner and more compatible than any WYSIWYG editor. (Also since I've moved into PHP, WYSIWYG editors can't understand what my custom code does, and would mess it all up.)

    I haven't tried Mozilla's HTML Editor, or OpenOffice.org's, but I don't plan on trying out anymore WYSIWYG editors... (I've used MSE - Microsoft Script Editor - before, but it had too many usability issues such as killing undo history when you preview pages, and how an infinate loop locks up IE and MSE and you can risk loosing your code to it, etc.) Cheers.

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