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Thread: Need some advice..(interesting question, I promise)

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    Need some advice..(interesting question, I promise)

    This relates to morals.
    I have a friend that posted some of her pics on a server of an online community. It was in poor judgement as they were semi-intimate pictures with her husband. Her and her husband used to be friends with the owner and technical contact of the site. There were plans for them to hang out which involved the owner of the site buying a plane ticket to go and visit. He then revealed that his intentions were not going to be so innocent as to just hang out when he got there. So, when she and he got wind of this they told him not to bother coming down to visit. Since he supposedly lost his money on his tickets, he has made her pics public url's and talked some friends into chasing her from forum to forum and posting her pics and totally humilitating her. She has begged him to stop and to delete the pics from the site and he says that he will not do it unless she provides a favor for him. I sent an email to tucows registrar and to his ISP about what he was doing and have not gotten a reply back and sent him and email and told him what he was doing and that extortion and blackmail was illegal. He replied to me as if I were a 10 year old and dared me to try and hack his network. as follows:
    >>>Are you trying to scare me? I'm not worried about some kiddie hacker. Your attempt to contact my isp and registrar to my domain name failed by the way. They're not going to do anything and neither are you. So if you think you can hack my ****, I dare you to try. Oh and posting my personal information is a violation of the rules here. And that's nothing a reverse DNS couldn't reveal. I'm calling your bluff, idiot<<<

    His website is mckayness.com and I have done a whois lookup and an abuse lookup and his email address is on both contacts.

    I really want to help this person. I could have my lawyer send a letter, but he is currently reatained in an apartment lease situation I'm in.
    I just need to know what I could do to have him forced to remove the pictures from his website...
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    is his email address adenosine@softhome.net by any chance? (The whois version anyway)

    There are all kinds of things this person can do, particulary in the area of lawsuits. Have her talk to a lawyer if she wants it to stop. Otherwise, there isn't really much you can do.. legally.

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    That would be the blonde butt nugget... http://www.mckayness.com/~bigsexy/dxm/adenosine-4.jpg
    Unfortunatley, she has recently located and is looking for a new job and my not have enough money for a retaining fee.... *sighs*.... Too bad....
    There are many rewarding oppurtunities awaiting composure from like minds and great ideas. It in my objective to interconnect great things.

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    in your letter to his isp did you mention the fact that you plan on including them in the lawsuit?
    you send one nice letter.
    then send one stating that since they did not act, you are adding them to the lawsuit you are about to file. tell them if they wish to avoid it to contact you.
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    Well, if you want to be a pervert, be a pervert.............and shut up about it..............OH! we have these "swinger" types......and how they whine when they lose "control".............these people are sick!

    OK advice:

    1. Pick your "friends" more carefully
    2. Tell them to buy Glock 9's and use them on themselves, and/or the other perv.

    NO SYMPATHY HERE.............you crap in your pants you live with it.


    and I have seen quite a few

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    Thing is, the injured party is the one that must take action. You cannot file suit. She can.

    Hard to believe that the ISP didn't do anything. Especially with the attitude expressed by the home web site.

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