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Thread: sulfuric acid

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    sulfuric acid

    Hello friends!!!
    I know this forum is not connected with chemistry in any way, but you smart guys here are my last chance!
    If you want you can associate my post with battery industry and internet search .
    OK here is my problem: I have to write a tutorial on the sulfuric acid. For the moment I have 12pages ready, but I can't find anything connected with the air pollution and so on. The results for the environment from producing sulfuric acid. Can someone tell me a web site where i can look, please? In google i checked more than 500 sites and I couldn't find anything!
    You are my last chance! I know that you are good not only with PCs but also with chemistry!

    Thank in advance!!!
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    Meu sítio

    FORMAT C: Yes ...Yes??? ...Nooooo!!! ^C ^C ^C ^C ^C
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    HAve you searched for Acid-Rain?
    death of Europs forests from the same... etc

    I'm too lazy to do a search.. have a bit of study to do.. but give that a try and see how ya go..

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    Yes Und3ertak3r i tried, but the info i found was not what I'm looking for.

    And cacosapo what can I say? That was great help from you?

    The strange is that I tried the words: "sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid pollution, sulfuric acid environment pollution, air pollution" I never had succes. It would never come to my mind to write: ""sulfuric acid" production pollution"
    Thank again!!!
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    I don't know if this will work:


    If not just Google for "Acid rain" then go to search within results and type in "Norway".........Undies is right, it is a pretty big issue over here.


    Hmmmm $ulphuric acid huh?...........are you making a skiddie cake?

    75% fuming nitric.......................25% concentrated sulphuric and some glycerine..........................

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    LOL, that will be my 100 post!!

    Hehe, if you want one day when my English is better(that will never happen) I can translate the tutorial from Bulgarian to English
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    sometimes campaign groups for these kinds of issues can be a good place to start if your looking for easy to read and understandable information (they have to make the info provided understandable to the masses in order to gain support)

    some sites :

    if those are along lines of what you want try searching for enviromental groups and looking at their sites for more information about industrial pollutants/acid rain


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    Zdravey Danielsd,

    I searched around for you and tried to find some information related to this subject, alot showed up so I'll post the ones that looked like they may help more with your subject.

    I didn't read many of the other links so I'm sorry if I post one that has been posted already.

    Research: Toxics Release Inventory for SUlfuric Acid
    News Article: Acid Pollution Threatens Waterways
    Study of Sulfur Dioxide Pollution
    Sulfuric Acid related grade-school Lesson Plans

    Hope that helps, if you need me to attempt to find something else send me a PM or contact me via AIM or e-mail.

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    all i know is sulfuric acid = H2SO4

    Mary had a little lamb several years before,
    But what she thought were curds and weigh (sp)?
    was H2SO4.
    So Mary lost that little lamb.

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