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Thread: Virus "Throttling"

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    Virus "Throttling"

    HP recently announced that it was working on what it calls “Virus-Throttling Software” that will supposedly slow, if not stop, the spread of viruses and worms on a network.

    The jist is that, once the virus "throttler" detects suspicious behavior, it limits the computer’s functionality reducing or eliminating network connectivity or closing specific ports to try to self-quarantine the offending system so to speak.

    Has anyone heard about this? Any thoughts on the efficacy of this solution? Any issues you think will make it not work?

    I am also curious if this will be offered standalone for use on various systems, or if HP plans to only embed it in their own systems as a proprietary soution. Are you aware of any similar solutions from other vendors?

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    I can only think of one problem with such a system. False positives. If I were joe schmoe user and was just doing my own little thing and used an oddball program and suddenly this "virus throttler" shut down my internet connection, I would be pretty darned iritated.

    i doubt if HP will release it as a standalone. It will most likely be an Hp exclusive. Untill somebody else figures out how they did it and release thier own version. I have never heard of anything like this before and I have to say other than the above stated problem, i think its an awsome idea.

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    Hi Tony,

    Strange coincidence. Yesterday I booted and connected to my ISP and my PC-Cillin security suite (V7) popped up a message in the corner saying something like "Incoming virus detected, your network connectivity has been frozen" It sounds like a similar concept?

    Perhaps you would like to check out the Trend Micro site and see what they have to say about that feature?

    The concept is older though. For some years I have had a tool called "mail control" (by Yariv Kaplan, I think)..........all it does is monitor for mailing programs (any PoP3) and asks you to manually approve their being sent. Sort of, you sent an e-mail, and it asks for confirmation before it lets it out.

    I also seem to recall that the old Aladdin Industries AV software did something similar with both viruses and e-mail. I think that they were the first to bring in a "sand box" as well?


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