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Thread: FTP not working in XP PROF SP1

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    Exclamation FTP not working in XP PROF SP1

    Hey there,

    When ever I use my FTP software (AceFTP) to connect to any ftp address, it gives the error message:-

    Connection Refused

    No error no. (hence it is not even communicating with the server, so I wanna know what is the cause of the problem. I got the Xp firewall turned off, norton anti-virus autoprotect disable but nothing seem to work.

    Of course, my addresses, username/pwd are correct.

    I use AceFTP. Windows Xp/SP1.

    Thanks in advance,

    Zeeshan Alam

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    What's your network setup? Is there another firewall in place? Are you sure the FTP(s) you are trying to connect to are up and running? Have you tried the commandline FTP to ensure that this is a consistent issue and not an application issue?

    Have you checked for viruses/worms/spyware that might be interferring with your networking?

    Of course, my addresses, username/pwd are correct.
    Are you sure? Have you checked with the FTP admin to verify that?
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    If you have the ability to sniff traffic on your network, you should do so while trying to connect to make sure it's a host based problem. This is basically what MsMittens is getting at, but it's from another vector; if you don't know FOR CERTAIN it's your system, verify the traffic patterns on the network to find the point of failure.
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    Re: FTP not working in XP PROF SP1

    Connection Refused
    If you are sure that the connection didnt even reach the ftp server, so its look like that someone in the middle is sending back to your ftp client a REJECT/RST in response of your 1st ack.
    Usually this a firewall behavior. Since you told us that you have NAV, do you have also Norton Internet Security? IF yes, did you had permitted your ftp client to open connections?
    Just a thought: if you try to use to Windows XP line command ftp, what response you get? sucessfull connect or not?
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    i turned the firewall on and off and on and off and rebooted and then started working. firewall problem.

    thnx for all the brilliant help,

    zeeshan alam

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