Ok - my brain snapped and I needed something newsy and security like, yet light and smart-alecked at the same time. So I hit News of the Weird and I find this news article by way of the Boston Herald and USA Today and republished as a "Weird" story. Actually, I think people are just really wanting to test the TSA and the scanning machines.... riiiiiiiigggghhhttt.

Is It Safe Yet? The head of security at Boston's Logan Airport revealed in December that travelers continue to appear so unfamiliar with restrictions that, three years after 9-11, his screeners still seize 12,000 prohibited items per month. Nationwide, the total since 2002 is nearly 17 million, including 2,200 guns, 79,000 box cutters and 5 million knives. And in December, a Republican congressman blasted the Department of Homeland Security for making "a joke" out of President Bush's 2003 order to compile a comprehensive list of potential domestic terror targets. The list so far (of 80,000 sites) is termed by critics both too large (unlikely targets inexplicably included) and too small (imaginable targets inexplicably left off). [Boston Herald, 12-20-04] [USA Today, 12-8-04]