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Thread: connecting 2 hard drive

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    Talking connecting 2 hard drive

    I have two CPU's and the other one is broken but the hard drive is still working.Is it possible if I connect two hard drives on my working pc?Would it cause a conflict?Is there anything I should take precaution when connecting the drive?Would that make the CPU to explode?Do I need to configure something in BIOS?And how do I connect the other hard drive?Do I need another cable?

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    Google...first result
    Mikes Hardware Guide...


    There you go..

    If you dont get that....then take it into a shop and have them do it for you.

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    If done right, you can run both hdd's in the one "CPU". But, they wont both run as the same "Rank".

    If theres more than one HDD, your computers not going to know which one to boot from. Both HDD's atm would be set as Primary Masters. You must demote one to Primary Slave, Secondary Master or Secondary Slave.

    Your CD-ROM drive is probably Secondary Master. So look on the HDD of the broken "CPU" and check how to change the Jumper Settings to change it to Slave.

    Once the drive is a lower "rank" connect the data cable to it. Using a new data cable plugged into the Secondary IDE Slot or using either existing Data Cable on the extra plug thingy.

    Connect the power and make sure everything else you may have taken out is reconnected

    Enter your BIOS setup. (this is sometimes not necessary) And then go through there until you find some method of auto-detecting the drives. Every BIOS is different.

    Reboot computer. If your lucky, your running Windows 2000/XP and everything is done for you. If your running Linux, well, call the tech guy from down the street.

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    Hi Voltagirl,

    I have a few questions:

    1. What is the operating system on the working machine?
    2. What was the operating system on the machine that does not work?
    3. Is there any data on the old hard drive that you want to keep?

    What is the make of your working computer, and is it a "tower" or a flat, desk-top?

    In theory it should be possible.

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