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Thread: Apache 2 with SSL/TLS: Part 1

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    Apache 2 with SSL/TLS: Part 1


    Do u want to know about SSL and curious how it works and how it is properly configured then you should go further.

    This article describes SSL and its working

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the most widely known protocol that offers privacy and good reliability for client-server communication over the Internet. SSL itself is conceptually quite simple: it negotiates the cryptography algorithms and keys between two sides of a communication, and establishes an encrypted tunnel through which other protocols (like HTTP) can be transported. Optionally, SSL can also authenticate both sides of communication through the use of certificates.
    You can also see the steps involved in making ssl connection between browser and the web server.
    Proper configuration of SSL will be discussed over Apache.

    Thats the conclusion of the article.

    With our secure Apache 2 server up and running with SSL and a sample certificate, this concludes part one of the article series. Next time, in part two, the reader will see the recommended security and performance settings for mod_ssl, as well as the process for creating a valid web server certificate.
    The main headings of the article are
    - Introduction to SSL
    - Software requirements
    - Installing Apache with SSL/TLS support
    - Configuring SSL/TLS
    - Testing the installation
    - Troubleshooting
    - Conclusion

    For reading full article visit http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/1818

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    Acutally, Apachy with SSL form a very nice combination in order to run an e-Commerce. A version of Apachy called Stronghold. Stronghold is a pretty readily can installed and maintained.. I do this it is a very nice to work under Apache...

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