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    Controlling your remote computer has become so easy nowadays with remote access solutions and remote control programs. We are using RemotePC (http://www.ibackup.com/remote_access_pc/) in our office and we are able to access our data remotely and also transfer files using Internet as a medium. It is very secure and reliable and works behind most firewalls and proxy servers.


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    That's very nice to know. Any chance you work for their marketing department ?

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    VNC (http://www.realvnc.com) works quite well, too, though I am not sure if it can get past most firewalls. I know that Kerberos (the XP firewall) does indeed block it.

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    I know that Kerberos (the XP firewall) does indeed block it.
    Just a nitpick, IIRC, the Windows XP Firewall is called Windows Firewall. Kerberos is the default authentication method used by Windows 2k Networks. (I would think also for Win2k3 but haven't played with that yet to verify that).
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