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Thread: why do peoneed a GF or a BF

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    why do people need a GF or a BF

    a simple question i cant manage to find an answer for why do people need a Gf or BF.
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    Well...you don't ! But it's nice to have one anyways...unless you're speaking in the natural sense of being social pack animals and being geared toward reproduction.

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    Oh and tons of other things. Humans seem to be built to have at least one mate. We dont have the social part all worked out but evolution is proly working on it.
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    I agree with Egaladeist, you don't *need* one. Anyone who thinks they *need* one should seriously take a look at their life and mental / emotional state.

    A mate should be a nice, complementary, addition *to* your life, not your.......life.

    **Edit: Except...I need you, Negative (now that I have you)

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    I *need* my laptop.

    My girlfriend is just a bonus. A module if you will, that can be inserted and removed form the kernel of my life.

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    My girlfriend is just a bonus. A module if you will, that can be inserted and removed form the kernel of my life.
    Using your metaphor, beware with what you insert into your kernel. Some patches cant be removed after except by re-install the kernel Those fix are called "wives".

    And some GFs can be a malware that , if patched to your kernel, it will suck all your life, steal your money and crash your kernel.
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    Carpal tunnel syndrome.
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    Women for all the beauty and wonder are perpertual pains in the ass. And why would anyone want a perpetual pain in the ass? Because the intereaction of someone special is a wonderful feeling.

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    Because when you find the right person, you have something you can never have alone. Not that you couldn't live just fine without it, but when you add the right person to the mix of an already happy and successful life, you get something amazing. However, looking for that person to fix your life will never work. You have to know who you are, and what you want out of life, and where you're going, and find someone that fits that ideal. If you try to force someone to be what you think you need, neither of you will ever be happy.
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    It's really rather simple....

    Women were placed on the planet to remind men how much fun they could be having if that damned testosterone hadn't kicked in and made them get all horny.

    Men are placed on this planet to remind women how much nicer the world would be if they didn't have their damned maternal instinct.
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