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    Great post foxyloxley! Theres a few programs I've never seen and will check out!
    meh. -ech0.

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    ehh... too much but I recommend not go wrong way and get more info about prog (by some search engine and words "you prog namne spyware/help/problem") that you want to download b4 downloading.

    This page have much descripton on bad "Anti-Anti"_progs "follow" them who have "good" reputation

    // too far away outside of limit

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    That's a nice article you have there! But I think one more addition will help. Try Secretmaker from www.secretmarker.org. It is a great app... running in the background it helps with things like changes in searchpage/homepage addition/modification to the startup programs etc. It's also got a nice random password generator built in!
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    link don't work DC

    as stated in the first post, I am only mentioning those tools that I have tried and found to be simple AND effective............

    although I am aware that as time goes on there will be bigger and better out there, and when I find them, and use them, then they will be added ......

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