hullo all,
long time no see at AO

i've been tinkering around with the services for UNIX software by M/S and have run into some problems making it work with my sgi system (Octane)

What i'm trying to do is set up an NFS share on my winxp or win2k system (whatever one will work right now) so that i can share some files and cd iso's with the octane (i've got the cd's for the imaged stuff so dont worry about piracy)

i tried accessing the shared folder on the octane, without much success, got an error -

"unable to locate ".
the path does not exist"

i'm not sure what to make of it, i've asked this on an sgi forum without much success and decided to try AO as well

i've further tested using my win2k system and trying to access the share on XP i get this error, which does seem to be mentioned in the help file anywhere -

.'Attempt to access invalid address'

i'm just using anonymous access here so it should work, but it's not

anyone that can give me a hand or point me to a SFU type forum would be great, i've already googled for the problem with no success