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Thread: mp3?

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    Unhappy mp3?

    does anyone know where to get free mp3 without downloading p2p software?

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    Which artist do you like ? Well if you expect another CD from him, you better buy one now and let him get paid.

    But you can go on google and tyep in like DMX - Trina Moe.mp3 and see if anyone offerss it for free download.
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    you can also check for public ftp servers - or IRC rooms were bots may be offering mp3's for DCC


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    I want to listen to rock artists.I am using an office computer and the network admin wont allow us to download and software.I can't even go to irc rooms because chat rooms are not allowed here.

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    Listen when you are at home...
    using your own computer..


    Listen to online rock radio (if allowed)


    Do you have a CD ROM???
    Bring in a set of headphones and some cds from home
    put the cd in the cdr
    plug the headphones in to the front of the cdr
    and voila

    rock music

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    Go home...

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    download the music onto your own comp...

    take it to work with you.

    Hope that's kosher with your boss !

    or follow morganlefay's advice...either way it's all good !

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    Why do you insist on keep coming here and ask us how to circumvent the protections your work administrator places on you when we tell you every time that we won't tell you?
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    Some band sites have free mp3s (Coheed and Cambria for one) so that may be an easier option than some others (seeing as how it might have alot more bandwidth than some of the mp3 download/warez crap). Also, as Morganlefay stated, internet radio stations are becoming alot more popular and there are ALOT of them now.. so it would be easy to find the kind of music you like easily and have alot of variety without waiting for downloads.

    Another (simple) option would be to get flash memory cards, cd's, dvd's, or whatever your favorite media may be and download some MP3s at home, load em onto the media, and take them to work and listen to them. (Flash memory is becoming alot cheaper, so you could probably get a 1 GB USB key for 40-60$ US and as you probably know.. you can fit ALOT of MP3s on a 1 GB drive, or whatever else you want to add to it).

    Just my thoughts.
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    Another (simple) option would be to get flash memory cards, cd's, dvd's,
    Last time I worked in an IT dept [Fujitsu] the site security was higher than when I worked in nuclear power plants.
    And flash memory is a no no. [you can bring things in, anything ?, AND you could take things away.]
    All recordable media was 'discouraged'. We weren't even allowed to have pockets in our jackets ....................
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    My 2 cents here... Rather than trying to break your admin's rules, you should count yourself luck that you still have a job. At the very least, your admin could easily have you fired for stealing bandwidth. As long as THEY pay for it, its THEIR choice as to how its used.

    Stealing is still stealing, whether its pens and paper or bandwidth and you can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law on this. Stay with the compant rules and follow the laws. Have a theft charge on your resume is not going to be good.

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