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Thread: Scheduling Nessus with Inprotect

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    Scheduling Nessus with Inprotect

    I'm working on a project that will allow me to schedule Nessus scans through a web interface. The only thing I've come across that will allow me to do this in an open source product called Inprotect. (www.inprotect.com) If anyone knows of a different open source product to do this, please let me know.

    Here's my current problem. I'm keen on nessus and most of linux (still learning), but Inprotect requires the installation and configuration of mysql, perl scripts,php and apache. I've worked a little with apache, php, and mysql, but I don't know them very well. Most of the work I've done with them has been through instructions on how to install stuff. I haven't had time to dig in and learn them well. Instructions I've found on Inprotect's site and google are not very helpful to someone with my knowledge. They assume I know a lot of the prerequisites. Does anyone have a good resource, papers, or instructions on how to setup Inprotect. Any help would be awesome.


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    I currently have a project running similar to yours and we have installed inprotect in a lab environment. The problem is that inprotect is VERY buggy and at this point, I have called off the dogs and turned to an inhouse developed solution. One thing to point out is if you aren't versed in MySQL just walk away right now.

    In the mean time, another engineer in my group is signing up to contribute to the inprotect project. I will check and see what he has documented as this is required as part of the lab test.

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    If you could send to me or post any of that info your engineer documented that would be awesome. I would just like to see some of the problem you ran into. I also need to for some backup to my statement when i tell the project lead why this isn't going to be easy or work at all.

    Are there any other open source products out there that do this.

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