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    I recently discovered a (free) Windows live CD,
    "XLiveCD[1] allows users of Microsoft Windows to connect
    to remote Unix computers, run graphical applications and
    have the graphics displayed on their desktops".

    Meaning: Just by plugging in the CD, an X-server and a
    [cygwin] bash-shell is started, without having to install
    ie it runs completely from the CD. The ssh-client
    is configured such that X11 is forwarded by an ssh-tunnel,
    hence the X11 transfer is encrypted.

    Note, due to my work, I travel regularily and sometimes I am
    in environments not allowing for external equipment and local
    installations. So, maybe this comes in handy for some of you as well.


    By putting in the CD, a bash is openend.
    opens an ssh connection, which automatically tunnels the X11-


    TCP 6000. The X-server (XWin.exe) is listening. However, any X-request
    is done locally (, because of the X11 tunneling, and thus, a
    firewall usually won't prevent this kind traffic.

    If anyone of you know even simpler alternatives, I am glad to hear about them


    [1] http://xlivecd.indiana.edu/
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    Out-f$cking-standing! And I haven't even tried it yet...if the description is anywhere near the truth, I've been looking for something like this for a long time! Thanks!
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