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Thread: Knowing My CPU

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    Question Knowing My CPU

    hey, sorry to bother you guys about this, but I just ordered a custom computer from a store, and I was wondering if there is a way to tell wether the CPU (intel) is the HT ones. The reason im asking is because im afraid of them ripping me off with just a normal 3.2 CPU instead of the ones with hyper-threading. So if anyone can tell me how to see what type it is it would be great =).


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    The very simplest way is to check the number of CPUs
    displayed by the task manager (assuming windows XP). If you
    have only 1 CPU, but there are 2 CPUs shown, there is a
    good chance that you have HT support (real vs logical CPUs).

    Also simple might be to remove the cooler, look at the CPU for
    a small HT, and put back the cooler correctly (not recommended)

    The second simplest, but safe way would be to use the intel
    tool at [1].

    For those interested in what the tool is actually doing.
    It calls cpuid and obtains information by analysing the
    result (in edx) based on the specification[2].
    I quickly coded an example (for several compilers)

    #include <stdio.h>
    #define USE_ATandT 1			// set to 1 if you use gcc
    int IsHTSupport = 0;
    int main(){
    	long int one=1;
    	long int test = 0x10000000;
    #if USE_ATandT
    __asm__ __volatile__( "pushl %%eax\t\n"
    				"movl %1,%%eax\t\n" 
                          "test %2,%%edx\t\n" 
    				 "jz HT_Not_Support\t\n"
    				  "movl %1,%%eax\t\n"
    				  "movl %%eax,%0\t\n"
    				  "popl %%eax"
                          : "=m" (IsHTSupport)
                          : "m" (one),"m" (test)); 
    	mov			eax,1
    	test        edx,   0x10000000   // Check if bit 28 in EDX is set
    	jz			HT_Not_Support
    	mov			IsHTSupport,1
    	printf("Result: %d (1=yes, 0=no)\n",IsHTSupport);
    	return 0;
    compile with
    > gcc -lstdc++ -o test_HT test_HT.cpp

    [1] http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scri...g/cthenu04.msi
    [2] http://bochs.sourceforge.net/techspe...-and-cpuid.pdf
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    it could be a HT cpu but if the MOBO is not HT compatable then you have a plain jane toy with a 533fsb.. and no Hyper Threading..
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    Thanks, it really helped...and thankfully they didnt try to rip me off=)

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