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Thread: can unix run linux applications?

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    can unix run linux applications?

    I was just wondering if i can run linux applications under Openbsd, or if I have to install some binaries or something.

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    you would need some type of cross platform software emulator, or atleast I would think.
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    In order for an app to be portable from one system to another,
    you need to take the source code, and compile it on the target system.
    Many programs explicitly give instructions on how to compile
    on different systems. Binaries (compiled executables) are rarely
    if ever, transferable to other OSs, even if they are similar.

    If the machine types are different, the binaries are totally alien.

    Read the source code of a favorite app some time. Pay particular
    attention to the "makefile". It often has hints about compiling on
    more than one "UNIX-like" OS.
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