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Thread: Best OS for Large Scale FileServer?

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    See what your Novell account manager suggests!
    Who sold you your SAN, or did you put it together yourselves?

    I'm looking at buying another 8TB of disk and I'm hoping my current
    SLES8 system will be able to cope.... ;-)

    I know Dell sell their SAN kits with MS Storage Server 2003, and my
    other department are going for that as their files server. We'll see.
    At least with the Dell sold setup I'll get decent support!

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    W2k3, until now, is not good as a file server as novell 4.x

    And running a w2k3 file server with 8TB, well, i dont think that you can have performance on that, even on a w2k3 datacenter, 40GB ram and 32 cpus Windows is just not good enough to do that task (yet)
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    Linux itself does support volumes of > 8Tb. However, some block devices don't - so check with your hardware provider and for driver support.


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