First off this is my first post so I really hope I am doing everything correctly and posted this is the right forum. Also I tired the search but didnít find anything. I have been kindof fearful to post since I figurged as soon as I did I would find it out on this site.

Hereís the deal. I have a linksys BEFSR81 v3 router (wired). Our network is running fine with no problems. Now my we have a D link 624 wireless router. I am currently a student at a tech school and just basically found my love for network and security but I am still very new. My network now looks likeÖ. the cable modem going to the linksys router (the wired). I then have 1 of the LAN ports going from the linksys to the d-link hooking up to a LAN port (I made sure it wasnít the wan). So I already config it before connecting everything and I disable DHCP server for the d-link. I also change the IP address of the d-link so it wasnít the same as the linksys. Also did made password and setup dates and what not.

What I really would like to be able to do is when I go to I get to my Linksys router(which works) but when I go the IP for the d-link it doesnít . So when I try typing the d-link address in the address bar I canít get to it. I am wondering what I have to do if you can even can to just enter in an IP address that takes me to my d-link router. Or if I am just not doing right at all and there a much better way to do it if not safer of the security side of things.

Thank you in advance for the help.