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Thread: -=Fedora Core3 problem=-

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    Question -=Fedora Core3 problem=-

    Hi, recently i had downloaded Fedora C3 ISO files from a Official mirror site. After i downloaded, i try to burn the ISO files into CDs... then when i try to boot CD to install, it doesnt detect the CD at all.... anyone have any idea how to solve it??

    I had done a MD5 check, so there will be no problem with the ISO files..... i had set my labtop to boot from CD, so wont be the boot option pro.... i had verify the content in the ISO CD, so will not be any mistake during the burning process... i also had try to burn in both way - Disk at Once and Track at Once~!!! but still, doesnt help! (anyway, does that matter actually??)

    The ISO i download are FC3-i386-disc1.iso(and 3 more disc)..... i dont think i need SRPMS if i just want to install, right? my doubt is, i am using Fujitsu S6130(Centrino) laptop and ready have XP in it. I think i should get the i386 instead of x86_64~ (am i right?)

    I also try to search for some boot.iso for Fedora, but not sure what kind of file i should get~~!!! so so confuse here... please help me~ had wasted couples of CDs~~

    Other than that, anyone have used Fedora C3?? how was it?? does F C3 equal to SE Linux? Othet than Fedora, what distro are recommended to install in a Laptop for dual boot??

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by....
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    Ummm, the 64 ISOs are for 64 bit Processors..... If you don't have a 64 bit processor, they aren't going to work.

    When you put the CDs you burned in a CD-ROM, if you see the ISO file on the CD, you've burned it wrong. If you put it in and you see a bunch, then you probably did it right.

    Next, READ THE MANUALS! If you're burning 64 bit ISOs and don't knnow what you need, you obviously have not read them, hand holding is for you and your lover, not because you're to lazy to read manuals and ask questions for things that are answered millions of times over.

    Fedora Core 3 is OK, but I'm baised towards Slackware and SUSE.

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    Quoting Gore: "...READ THE MANUALS!"

    You really need to read the manuals and make sure your hardware is Linux Compatible before you install.

    Directly from Fedora/Redhat:

    Read through all the instructions before you begin downloading.

    The following steps need to be taken to download and install Fedora Core:

    1. Understand What You Are Doing
    2. Make Room on Your System
    3. Download the Files You Need
    4. Write Files to Media
    5. Boot From the CD-ROM or Boot Diskette to Run the Installation Program
    6. Check for Updates
    7. Get Help If You Need It


    or mirrors at:


    For x86-compatible (32-bit):
    FC3-i386-disc1.iso (md5sum: db8c7254beeb4f6b891d1ed3f689b412)
    FC3-i386-disc2.iso (md5sum: 2c11674cf429fe570445afd9d5ff564e)
    FC3-i386-disc3.iso (md5sum: f88f6ab5947ca41f3cf31db04487279b)
    FC3-i386-disc4.iso (md5sum: 6331c00aa3e8c088cc365eeb7ef230ea
    This one's not too dated and you'll get the idea what to search for anyway.

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    Actually i have gone through all the link above before i posted the question...

    Any how, my problems solved....

    Thanks anyway.....
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    Fedora C3

    I have installed Fedora Project a couple of times already. I just very recently started setting up a server (Fedora Core) at work using FC3. First mistake I made in downloading the .iso files was to download the wrong linux version to burn on CD. I believe there a version to burn on DVD, 64bit processors and 32. Another error that I encountered while installing is that the CDs have to be in excellet shape. One of the CDs I used had a small scratch.
    Unfortuantely I have not played around with Linux a whole lot in the past and have not used other versions.
    If I remember correctly you can get an IsoBuster and open the first iso disc. There you should find the boot file you mentioned.

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