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Thread: Ciphire looks to cure your e-mail issues.

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    Ciphire looks to cure your e-mail issues.

    Wired is reporting on an open source solution to securing your inbox. Though I haven't had a chance to test the **BETA** software on the Ciphire site, it sounds like it may be something worth looking into.


    Anyway, just another somethin somethin that might help one of you out.


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    I just found this site today, read the FAQ and how it works...pretty interesting. Have you checked it out yet hoss? I may try it even though I already have PGP (however it costs and my friends and fam dont have it because of $$).

    I was very skeptical about their motives for offering it for free but read the FAQ and it says free for personal use only...they will be releasing a commercial product in Q2 this year.

    FAQ: https://www.ciphirebeta.com/about/facts.html

    Anyway, Bruce Schneier (crypto god) reviewed it and gave it high marks which bodes well.

    If anyone trys this out let me know what ya think. Email privacy and authenticity is a good thing...this product addresses that.

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    Hey, I thought Ciphire looked pretty promising as well. It's nice to see that they will make it opensource once the beta is completed.

    Slashdot had a article on it last month (lots of comments).. See below.



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    they will be releasing a commercial product in Q2 this year.
    Damn. I was excited for a second. Nice for the home users and students, etc.
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