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    what difference an IDE compiler made............how IDE compilers are different from any other.........how IDE compiler made diiference in compilation or any thing,
    plz help me out with it, these question were asked by my examinar n........ i m not able to ans. them........... :-((

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    Without trying to sound cruel..........
    You were asked these questions by your teacher ?
    So, you want AO to do your homework ?

    At the very least you could have couched the terms of your request better :

    Google is your friend :
    Start reading HERE
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    I understand that English is not your first language, so take it a bit slowly

    1. What is an IDE?..............well in your case (you mention "compiler" ) it stands for "Integrated Development Environment" This is basically a package of tools that ease you through the development cycle part of the full project life cycle (look up SSADM if you want a fair idea of what the project cycle is, and PRINCE2 to find out about the project management lifecycle)

    This little article is quite a good start:


    2. Might I advise you, as a student, not to worry about the validity of using adverts for commercial products as a source of information. You see first they have to convince you that their product does what you want (that is the bit you are interested in) then they have to persuade a potential buyer that their stuff is cheaper/better than any other.............that bit you can ignore.

    Good luck

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    Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integra...nt_environment for an encyclopedia definition of IDE. If you have any other terms that you need information about, http://www.wikipedia.org is a great site. I'm not sure how helpful it'll be to you if your english is not very good, but have a look anyway.

    [edit] Also, you need to recognise that an IDE is not a compiler, therefore the term, "IDE Compiler," is incorrect. Like nihil said, and IDE is a collection of tools (which might include a compiler) designed to help a developer through the implementation stage of a project without having to remember long commands and without having to manually handle source trees and include paths, etc.

    And if you look at the wikipedia link I gave you above, it gives a description of how IDEs aided the development of computing (or however it was you phrased it) [/edit]


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    In general a IDE's compiler is the same as the standard compiler for the project, it has to be. This is why some IDEs require that you specify the compiler path. Every IDE I've used has had this, otherwise it just checks the default locations to see if the compiler is there, if not it asks you for it. Your questions seem to ask about IDE/compiler bundles. These are a little different, because the IDEs compiler is generally a thirdparty add on, such as the java compiler from BEA is an add on, or their JVM, so that would be the major difference, that it isn't made by the original vendor. They aid the industry by making it much easier for you to develop applications by having all of the necessary tools readily available, and easy to use. These include Source Code Control, Debuggers, Compilers, and many other add ons, that while not necessary are extremely helpful.

    I know that this is a little late, but hope it helps.

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