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    I have used the Sveasoft Software on WAP54g's and WRT54g's
    works great, increase power, and you have 14 instead of 11 RF channels.
    The use of channel 12,13,14 is not legal in a number of countries.
    Check your countries rules on that.
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    Check your countries rules on that
    Coz I feel a bit lazy.... What does the good ole USA say about 12,13 and 14? Not that it matters that much..... I would still only operate within the 'normal' channels.
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    Well I haven't had any problems yet, but thanks for the thread. You jogged my memory to go look, so I went and updated it anyway!

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    12,13,14 are not allowed in the U.S. I think Europe allows 12, 13, and Japan uses 14. I may be off I don't remember exactly.

    Up to 5000 bucks a day if they catch you.

    Smile when you do it cause you'll stick out in a crowd.
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    Originally posted here by KorpDeath
    12,13,14 are not allowed in the U.S. I think Europe allows 12, 13, and Japan uses 14. I may be off I don't remember exactly.

    Up to 5000 bucks a day if they catch you.

    Smile when you do it cause you'll stick out in a crowd.
    A crowd within 330 feet of your AP...

    Its not like the FCC has anything better to do than to drive around looking for people using channels 12, 13 and 14... They get more money off of Howard Stern on a daily basis...

    BTW: You may find the following links of some interest... the sveasoft firmware is GPL'd.
    By paying $20 a year, subscribers get priority release to firmware as well as technical support. A big debate grew, claiming that this model was against the code of the GPL. It wasn't, however, and Sveasoft were deamed to be acting completly within the law. The arguement revealed that the money paid wasn't for the firmware, it was for the distribution method and technical support.

    You should, therfore, be able to get the firmware for free if you choose a different distribution method and dont expect technical support. This, however, has been the focus of another online argument. I firmly believe that this argument should be won by the free distribution people. It is in this respect, that TheIndividual is a champion of online rights.
    So some people have been nice enough to put up some torrents... easy enough.
    That is... if you don't want support and you are not using their method of distribution...

    Now... the important part... links!

    Post explaining GPL situation.
    Torrents! (not quite sure of legality... you decide)
    some possible legal mumbo jumbo...

    I say try it. If you like it... what is the $20?
    If you try it and don't like it... will they refund you the $20?
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    I was thinking about this last night when showing students what wardriving is (we happened to find a WRT54G with no encryption and DHCPing all over the place). I wonder if it's the UPnP being the issue. I know that was a problem for my version, spewing UPnP packets all over the place, until the firmware upgrade and until I told Snort to stop looking for that from the router.
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