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    1. a 14 year olds phone number wont be on the internet under his name.
    2. Why are you picking on some 14 year old?
    3. LMFAO you called his parents? maybe its the same number
    4. wow I cant believe im responding to this garbage...
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    What 14 year old doesnt live with their parents? But most 14 year olds dont have their own number so you would have no know who he is living with. "bad stuff" lmao.

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    Back to my first reply...you're probably asking this in the wrong place. Not the wrong discussion, the wrong forum. The wrong site. The wrong crowd.
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    Why dont u call his parents and act like your from the hpone company, dunno what ur local copany is like AMeritech (international?) and be like, We're calling from jada jada, we are updating our phone information database, we need to confirm all the phone numbers listed under this household/address/last name," or something like that ??

    14 year old ? why do you need his phone number if you're gonna beat him up ? And you can do more damage if you get his screen name
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    What 14 year old doesnt live with their parents?
    In the UK, the ones attending Borstal or an "Approved School"...................those are our "pre-Bubba training centres, for potentially valuable contributors to society"

    Those attending $25,000+ a year private schools (Eaton, Harrow, Girton, Cheltenham Ladies College) They live-in during term time.

    But most 14 year olds dont have their own number
    Once again, in the UK they do, they have cell phones, that seem to be permanently attached to their hands as if by surgical implant.

    Why is it a little voice in my head keeps whispering "SMS bombing"? Don't do it kid, it is very lame...........try Ralgex in the jockstrap

    Might I just say that no matter how justified you feel, the "powers that be" will not tolerate messing with public communications systems. You will most likely shoot yourself in the foot. Also, if this guy is a bad sort, as you imply, they will have been gotten at already this way, so they will have taken defensive countermeasures.

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    Not from internet corsair1447 but i guess social engineering may work.
    Try to find out what company's services he uses
    Now find out if that company provide some kinda directory service to its users in my case it does so all i have to do is to put is

    And i get phone numbers of all david beckham's if it is a user of this perticular mobile comapny.

    Or if you know where he/she works/study you can also get a lot of information from there.

    In my school for example they keep every students record including address and phone number in a database and every student has a library code corresponding to three enrollment number
    if i know some ones library code (which is pretty easy to figure out) i can get all information about them including which books they have reserved and so on.

    Hope this helps.
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    Sorry, Im a little behind on this one. Just got off work ... full moon out there!
    All you would need to do is call them and there is a good chance you can get the number.

    This has worked for me on many occasions.
    LMFAO ... I really needed that, thanks!
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    Originally posted here by corsair1447
    umm its not actually a girl im not that messed up... i would just ask her after i get to know her

    its actually for some guy who did some bad stuff to me... and i ll leave it at that

    but i did get your joke man it was pretty obvious but a good one lol

    and ideas on getting someones number with minimal information on the internet?

    ps. i have tried calling his parents but they were cautious of giving out their 14 yr old sons home number

    Yeah, I don't think I'd give out my 14 year-old son's phone number to some 24 year-old guy I've never heard of before either.

    If he really did some bad stuff to you, just call the cops. Unless you really think prank-calling some kid is going to solve your problems...

    Point being: Leave the kid alone. Act your age. Be responsible.
    That's Officer 11001001 to you...
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    Yeah, I don't think I'd give out my 14 year-old son's phone number to some 24 year-old guy I've never heard of before either.
    C'mon................the 8 and 9 are close on the top row and keypad......................a real 24 year old would not ask that sort of question...............this is another 14 year old...........trust me just look at the grammar and syntax?

    He is probably jerking off right now

    Either he is taking the mick, or he made a mistake.............your call................my personal view is that he has obviously got nothing to contribute as a member....................shoot to kill?

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    ok everyone nevermind and yes i am 14 it doesnt seem very realistic to be a 24 yr old investigating a 14 yr old like another 14 yr old....

    but i have good sources at school and was able to deduce all his info with no need for drastic measures.... maybe i have a future career oppertunity as a CIA spook......

    thanks for your harmless bantering tho it cheers me up lol

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