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Thread: 64-bit slackware?

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    64-bit slackware?

    Just got a new laptop (amd64 3200+ and 512 megs of RAM) and would love to push slackware onto it. However, slacks runs by default at 32-bit. Is there a slackware 10 installation/packages someone has precompiled for amd64 processors?

    Is there a way I can do it manually?

    Better yet, is it even going to make that big of a difference if I don't optimize to use the 64bit?

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    I haven't found any..

    Why not just go for the Gentoo 64 bit edition ?
    Or compile it your selve (hell of a lot of (hard) work)..
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    I have 64bit Gentoo running on my eMachines 6809 laptop. It was well worth the effort. The only issue that I encountered was the lack of support for the built in Broadcom wireless card. I keep thinking I'm going to order the Intel card to replace it, but I just haven't gotten there yet.

    Have fun!

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    Wont use gentoo because I really do not enjoy the way it is laid out. From file system wise to a few areas in which they've broken linux filesystem standards, I'm just much happier with slackware.

    What type of preformance am I missing if I just run everything in normal slackware 32bit?

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