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Thread: Phrack going the way of the dodo ?

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    Phrack going the way of the dodo ?

    So it seems phrack has decided to do it's last issue phrack '63'

    Full Disclosure people dont seem to happy

    Thoughts comment?
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    Well we have seen it happen before, things and people evolve.

    The bit that concerns me is "Phrack staff will keep the site running for two years after"..........out of the goodness of their hearts or to make sure that it dies?

    Just a thought

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    Like someone pointed on FD, I think Phrack should pass on to the next generation.

    The Team shuld run a contest or something and decide on a worthy team for handling phrack site and the magazine as well as they can keep an eye on the issues and site for an year just to ensure the team performs well.

    This is a common phenomeana in the world. The elder generation has to go, the big point remains, should they take "Phrack" away with them when they go or they decide to pass it on the upcoming new generation.

    I am hope ful even if they decide not to provide it to anyone, some new generation group will come out with a magazine like this which will serve as an alternative to "Phrack".

    The team should consider that "Phrack" is ideally not just any other magazine in the wild by some group, so when the group decides, they simply stop it. It has evolved from just a magazine to a hacker standard. How many places we see refrences to phrack articles? Wehnever someone comes out something good they wait for Defc0n/BlackHat/CanSec West/ToorCon or Phrack, specially the ones who cant afford to make it to conferences like the ones stated.

    Shall AO mods and other worthy members take the additional responsibility of "Phrack"?
    Mods Your views? MsMittens??
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    Shall AO mods and other worthy members take the additional responsibility of "Phrack"?
    Mods Your views? MsMittens??
    Geez. If I can barely get anything for AO's mag, I don't know if it'd be worth running Phrack (although it has a wider name to it)... It certainly would be interesting to run to say the least I think and it would be nice to see someone continue the "Aboveground underground" but I wonder if the more traditional hackers are getting too busy with life (babies, jobs, etc.) that they aren't dabbling as much as they used to?

    Perhaps the question should be asked as to WHY they have chosen to stop at this point.

    That said, if I was asked I wouldn't necessarily say no because there is an important historical factor to Phrack and the ideals that it stood for (sharing of information). Whether I'm good enough... well that's another matter.
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