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    Lol, websense..

    I'd go for a Zorp solution (GPL or Commercial) http://www.balabit.com/products/zorp/
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    Those things bring up false postitives all the time. Assuming it was/is really a false postitive category as tasteless. I spent sometime going through logs recategorizing sites with Surfcontrol but that is pointless so I put a link to a form people can fill in if the site is miss categorized. You can control the HTML messages that surf control issues.

    I would be inclined to the extreme and just let them access a few URLs and that is it. If you just want to use a proxy or firewall filters, call the local Unemployment office and get a set of links they recomend and then let them access that and filter everything else. If they need national access to different cities, then maybe there is a master list at the federal level for placement offices. Or state level, that is alot of research though. But many states have a governing employment office with useful information. I am sure you don't have time for that, so we are back to Websense.
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    You could try and throw and old computer running Smoothwall or IPCop in between the modem and the users, then throw on Dansguardian addon for true content filtering, not only filter websites but also file extensions. Works a treat and highly configurable. You don't need a computer science degree to set it up either.

    On top of that, it logs all traffic, so if people have been a bit naughty and trying to look at things they shouldn't, - time, IP and url should be enough to show then the errors of their ways.

    You can administer the thing remotely, what more does one need

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    Well I tried cyber sitter before and it was very disapointing.

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