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Thread: Is U of Oregon full of Retards or what?

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    Is U of Oregon full of Retards or what?

    OK! Now this just makes my blood boil. Since when is supporting our troops a "political" statement. Supporting our troups has nothing to do with political positioning. Whether you agree with the war on terror or not, you still support the men and weomen that are defending your country. Bicker and fight over the propiety of the war all you want, but do not call caring for our troops "political" statements.

    <sarcasm> I could call support for breast cancer research a "political" statement, because I believe the money could be better spent providing abortions to unwed mothers. <End>

    I don't hear anyone at U of O calling the display of stickers supporting homosexuality, beastiality, or blow-up-doll-ality as being "political" statements, when they obviously would be such.

    If the U of O administration honestly thinks that displaying a sticker supporting our boys that are fighting and dying for our freedom (and the freedom of the Iraqi people), would constitute a "political" statememnt; then they need to have I hate my country branded on their foreheads, for all to wittness their hatred of America.

    The left marches on!

    Full Story: http://www.kezi.com/content/contentID/9835
    KEZI-TV in Oregon reports that a maintenance worker at the University of Oregon was forced to remove “Support The Troops” stickers from his truck because they were deemed political statements.

    The worker, Pete Baker, had the stickers on his trucks for months but was forced to remove them after an employee on campus complained last week.
    The mentally handicaped are persecuted in this great country, and I say rightfully so! These people are NUTS!!!!

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    IMHO - Yes they are!

    Prior to moving to the East Coast I lived in the Northwest for most of the last 30 years. So I gotta tell you that, those sentiments are only found in Eugene and north up along the Interstate-5 corridor to Portland. The majority of the State is embarrassed by those folks.

    [Off topic]Of course in 1984 we had the Rajneeshee in Antelope Valley, but that’s another story.

    They wanted to take over the county government by making local residents too sick to vote and then import tons of the homeless to fill the polls and vote their people in.

    They brewed up some salmonella and sprayed it all over a Shakey's Pizza salad bar and they also committed similar acts at a multitude of local restaurants and a supermarket. It is considered America’s First Bioterrorism Attack.[/Off topic]
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    Well there are three simple solutions my friend:

    after an employee on campus complained last week
    1. Name, address, recent photograph

    2. FBI, Secret Service...............after the subversive has been "fitted up" for child pornography, they won't be able to get a job on any campus in the Universe? And who listens to convicted perverts?

    3. A three second exposure at 600x......................and I am not talking photography

    Unconstitutional activities? like you have a democratically elected government that decides to send its troops wherever it wants.............maybe the dork does not support the troops providing relief in the tsunami hit areas?

    ACK Phtttt!

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