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Thread: New email scam

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    New email scam

    So I'm not sure if this is A: already on AO as my search didn't show anything and B: I don't know if it goes here or not since there's no other place I figured it would go.

    Onwards...we've all seen the emails about banks, death, etc...money passed around and some poor soul needs YOUR info to get it into the USA/etc...

    I just got this today:

    Subject - "Get back to the bank immediately."
    From - "Union Bank" (from is listed as donaldscott13004@teenmail.co.za, reply is listed as zavalinka@hotmail.com)

    From: Union Bank
    Attn: Valuable Customer
    The bank wants to reliably inform you that your name and
    information has been found attached with one of the bank
    most valuable customer whos sudden death came as a surprise
    to the bank.
    In order for the bank to be transperent and truthfull to
    its customers and also not to be involved in the fraudulent
    act which booms round the banking world. The union bank
    have decided to contact you to know the next step you would
    love to take concerning the fund in our custody. Here are
    some important informations of the account.
    1.Account number: 4528-529-372
    2.Deposit Code: UBN/00024501/VCP
    3.Amount involved: 12 million U.S dollars
    These are the important information of the account. The
    bank would also want you to reconfirm your information such
    1.Your Full Name
    2.Phone Number
    Let the bank know if you would still want to run the
    account with us or you would prefare the money transferred
    to you.
    You are advised to get back to the bank through this email
    address below info@unionbankingnig.com
    Name of bank: Union Bank
    Donald Scott
    Public Relation officer
    Union Bank.
    Did a whois on that unionbankingig.com and came up the attached www.register.com info.

    Registered to someone in SD, CA on Jan 5, 2005 for a three year deal...and I thought I had seen them all!
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    I just love the elegant use of the English language

    Now, if I had recieved that from No. 10 Downing Street (our Whitehouse), I would have believed it............but not from a bank.............they are semi-professional organisations aren't they?

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    I received one similar like this couple days ago, why do they use such large amounts, they can just say 2,000 $, more people would believe it.

    good thing gmail filters almost all spam, dont know the last time i got a spam message in my Inbox and not Spam foler
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    Thanks... please send more bank-letter decorated toilet paper.

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    Although the domain info keeps timing out on me, the place that hosts this domain is about 30 minutes away from me.
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