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Thread: New Mac OS X Patch

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    New Mac OS X Patch

    Security Update 2005-001 for Mac OS X 10.2.8 Client and Server and for Max OS X 10.3.7 Client and Server were release Tuesday.

    Download : http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/
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    Well, I am sure we are not the only two Mac users on this site. So hopefully someone else (outside of us) will find this useful.

    When Apple Security Updates come out, Apple is quite vauge in explaining what is going on. All their patches seem to be released as 'rollups'. Recently I found where you can get the down and dirty about what is really going on with the updates and what they affect.

    It seems this URL will always encompass the latest security updates. From there you can get detailed, specific information.

    By any chance there isn't anyone out there who would be interested in working together to start developing a SUS/WUS like application for Mac is there? I am not to shabby in the Objective-C/Cocoa arena so let me know. Just thought it could have some potential. And we all know more Apple users pay for software than the entire MS/PC userbase combined.
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    Thanks for the updates. I am much more proficient on a PC so I need all the mac help I can get. (Im trying to play catch up with our mac techs so I dont have to keep asking them for help, lol)
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